The Ultimate Facial Exercise To Improve Your Jawline

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Having well-defined jawline grabs attention. Just think of A-list stars like Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, and Olivia Wilde. Their well-chiseled jawline make them look younger, stronger, and more attractive.

People with well-defined jawline have visible mandibular border and good bone structure. Although having a strong jawline is determined by genes, there are several methods on how you can have it.

Different Ways To Achieve A Well-Defined Jawline

There are different ways to have a well-defined jawline. You can have it through surgical and non-surgical method.

Surgical Method

People who are not naturally born with a well-defined jaw often resort to surgery to achieve the desired look. Cosmetic surgery is a good option but results and types of surgery can vary from one person to another.

In many cases, it takes more than just one procedure to achieve the desired look. The following are the common procedures done to improve the look of the jawline:

  1. Soft tissue envelope manipulation
    Procedures that fall under soft tissue envelope manipulation include neck liposuction, face and neck lifting, and submentoplasty.

  2. Mandibular augmentation
    This is done through surgical procedures like chest implant, fat grafting, mandibular angle implants, and mandibular border implants.

  3. Skeletal manipulation
    Skeletal manipulation is achieved through procedures such as bilateral saggital split osteotomies, geniotomy, and LeFort I osteotomy.

While there are a lot people who have achieved their desired jawline through this method, cosmetic surgery is costly and can be time-consuming for some especially that you need to do follow-ups with your doctor.

Non-Surgical Method

The following are non-surgical ways to help you achieve a well-defined jawline:

  1. Reduce salt intake
    Salty food increases water retention which gives you a ‘swollen’ look. You can cut back on salt intake by avoiding processed food.

  2. Use the right skincare products
    This may seem a bizarre advice for improving your jawline but using the right skincare products like the right toner and moisturizer helps.

    Toner can tighten the skin pores while moisturizer helps lock in the skin moisture. These products help in getting your skin taut.

  3. Lose weight
    Layers of fat can conceal your jawline so losing those excess pounds can help improve its look. It may not exactly turn your jawline the way you want it to be but losing the fat layers can help in making it more visible.

  4. Get sufficient sleep
    When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases cortisol (also known as the stress hormone). The hormone breaks down the protein collagen which keeps your skin elastic and smooth. It also triggers unhealthy cravings which can lead to weight gain.

  5. Stay hydrated
    Water helps in body metabolism and keeps your skin moisturized. It plays an important role in flushing the toxins out of your body and helps you stay within your healthy weight.

  6. Try facial exercise
    Doing facial exercise is an inexpensive, easy, and effective method of achieving your desired jawline. Facial exercises for a well-defined jaw usually target the following muscles: masseter, mentalis, suprahyoid group, and sternocleidomastoid muscles.

    There are several facial exercises that can help you improve your jawline. There are routines like the Eye Opener, Furrow Smoother, Lower Eyelid Lifter, Kiss the Sky, and so on. But if you only want to focus on one facial exercise for your jawline, then you must try the facial exercise called Roar Like a Lion.

How To Do The Roar Like A Lion

Roar Like a Lion ‘works out’ 53 facial muscles and helps your jawline fight the effect of gravity.

To do the routine, begin by sitting upright on a chair with your palms on your thighs. Take a long breath through your nose and as you exhale, roll out your tongue and try to point it towards your chin. At the same time, roll your eyes upward (envision the look of a roaring lion). Stay on this pose for 4-10 seconds and then release. Inhale deeply and repeat the process. Do this a few times each day.

Having a well-defined jawline is something that many people aspire for. It’s not easy but definitely doable.

If getting under the knife is not your thing, then doing the facial exercise may benefit you. You just have to be consistent with the routine to achieve your desired result.

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