Sagging Neck Exercises

Sagging Neck ExercisesA sagging neck is a sign of aging that seems to appear very suddenly in many people, and like other signs of aging commonly is more noticeable among women than men. If you have loose wrinkled skin on your neck, or “turkey wattle” you will be pleased to know sagging neck exercises can improve the appearance of your neck tremendously, and very quickly too.

There are many variations of sagging neck exercises, but here at Facial Exercise Central the aim is to provide you with those that are easy to perform, easy to remember and can be done in just a minute or two a day. Due to experience we know that any exercise that you need to look up to remember the instructions or that will take time is unlikely to be forgotten before results are evident.

The following sagging neck exercise is extremely effective. It has to be done lying down, and therefore is an ideal exercise to do first thing in the morning, or before you go to sleep at night. If your bed is occupied by someone else at these times, remember to do the neck exercises during the day, as they truly only takes less than two minutes, and results are well worth the effort.


Sagging Neck Exercises Instructions (Also helps reduce a double chin)

On the first day, lie on your back, with your head dangling over the side. Let it hang completely down for several seconds, and take some deep breaths – this sagging neck exercise is tough!

Slowly raise your head in a smooth motion until your chin is almost touching your chest. Hold for a second then lower your head back down. Repeat as many times as you can, counting the reps you make. When you really can’t do any more, stop.

How many you manage will of course depend on your general strength and age. As an example, I will say you managed 15 reps. Now, you need to half that number, so we will call it eight.

On your second day, repeat the same exercise, but do eight repetitions only. After eight, lie with your head in a straight position, facing up to the ceiling. Now turn it slowly to the left, so you are looking over your left shoulder, then to the right. Do this slowly and return it back so you are again looking at the ceiling. This is one rep of the second part of the sagging neck exercise. You are aiming to do half the amount of the reps you did for the first part; so as we did eight reps to start, you need to turn your head to the right and left four times.

Now, when you first start out, you will feel like you simply cannot move your head another inch! You will probably even need to use your hands to lift your head up once you have finished. Repeat the same number of reps for a few days, and then add two to the first set, and one to the second. So after several days, you will be lowering and raising your head 10 times, and then turning it from side to side five times.

These sagging neck exercises are extremely effective when done every day, or five or six days a week. You should start seeing noticeable improvement within a week or two. Just remember to keep adding reps every few days, and do not rest between the sets. The head-turning exercise should be done after the raising ones, without a rest in between. Movements should be gradual and smooth.
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