Face Lift Tape

Face Lift Tape

In 2010, Cher was seen with transparent tape on her jawline in London

Face lift tape is made of transparent tape material that pulls sagging skin back to give a more tight and youthful appearance. The tape was in the news in 2010 as the beautiful, but aging singing and acting star Cher, was thought to be wearing it. Face lifting tape is probably the oldest alternative to face lift surgery and has been used by actors, singers, and other stars of the stage and screen for decades. It is a useful instant solution, and appropriate for emergency situations. The tape is placed near the ears and when in place, you lift the tape and secure it under your hair.

Face lifting tape anchors the skin, which gives a more smooth look as it irons out the appearance of wrinkles. Although the treatment is obviously temporary, face lift tape can be very useful to give a boost of confidence while you wait for your facial exercise efforts to bring results.

Some of these tapes are surprisingly effective, and according to Amazon users, the eyelid tapes that can be found on both Amazon and eBay reduce the appearance of wrinkled eyelids successfully. When attached well, the tape is completely invisible. In addition, they only cost about $6 for 50 pairs.

Take a look at the current eBay auction listings below for face lifting tape bargains.

Face Lift Tape Auctions

Facial Exercise by Eva Fraser
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