YouTube Facial Exercise Jowls

One of the more distressing symptoms of facial aging is the developement of jowls, which completely destroy the
line of the jaw. Jowls appear as pouches of fat, which can usually be seen on the jawline halfway between the chin
and ears.


youtube facial exercise jowlsThe image on the right has been taken from a selection of “before and afters” from Cynthia Rowland’s Rejenuve site. The photo on the far left demonstrates how saggy pouches known as “jowls” form along the jaw;
the photo on the right shows that facial exerces can reduce the appearance of sagging jowls considerably.

If you would like to know more about Cynthia’s Facial Magic program, see Facial Exercises by Cynthia Rowland.


Below is a selection of YouTube Facial Exercise Jowls videos.

Oleg Lapidus has produced a series of videos and MP3 files demonstrating his “Mimirobics”exercises. The videos are self-produced without any bells and whistles, but for that reason, they are also very economical; to purchase a video targeting a particular area of the face costs about $7 to $8 at the time of writing. The videos last around 9 minutes, although the actual time needed to execute each exercise is approximately
three minutes a day. The full package is available for around $35.This YouTube facial exercise jowls demonstration is not comprehensive, it is more a presell video for Oleg’s products. However, you are able to see that for a man of 40, his skin is very smooth and his face is well-defined. In fact, it could be said he has over exercised certain parts of his face, but that demonstrates that his exercises are effective.To see a full list of Oleg’s facial exercise videos, visit his “Mimirobics” site. (Mimirobics link will open in a new window).
A short explanation of an exercise to lift sagging jowls. This is part of the facial exercise
video series sold by John Socratous. For more information on this program visit the John Socratous page.
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