Face Exercises To Lift Cheeks


There’s something about a sculpted looking face with high cheekbones that’s just incredibly attractive. While not everyone is naturally blessed with this sophisticated look, there are some easy face exercises to lift cheeks that can help those with rounder faces achieve a more sculpted look.

Strengthening the Cheek Muscles

A face that’s been helped along with face exercises to lift cheeks will have a more toned look. A face with higher looking cheeks will also tend to keep its shape and show less of the effects of water retention or a little weight gain. All of these are good reasons why face exercises to lift cheeks can really pay off when done on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some of the most highly recommended exercises.

1. The Cheek Lift Exercise

This easy to do exercise gives the upper cheek muscles a nice workout. To perform the exercise, just make a squint and raise up the cheeks very high, then make a smile to bring up the bottom of the cheeks, and hold it for ten seconds. Relax and then repeat the exercise several times.

2. Cheek Puffs

To do this exercise (which works out the middle of the cheeks) puff up the cheeks with air and then move the air from side to side several times.

3. The Fish Lips Exercise

Stick the lips out to make a “fish face,” and then try to smile while holding the fish lips position. Hold the look for about ten seconds and then repeat.

4. The Smiley Face

Making a big smile and holding the position for ten seconds is another great face exercises to lift cheeks, and it’s a move that should come quite naturally for many people. Smile big, hold it, and feel great about how rejuvenated your face is going to look!

5. Face Puppet Workout

The face puppet is deceptively simple, but it does give those facial muscles a solid workout. To do this workout, put the fingers on the cheeks where they crease when smiling. Give a big smile and push up the cheeks to bring them up higher, and then hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat a few times for a solid workout.

Exercise Recovery

Once the facial exercises have been completed, take a moment to do some counter exercises to relieve soreness. Put the fingertips on the cheeks and then the jawline and press on the muscles while moving the face by opening the mouth wide and even yawning. This will alleviate tension and soreness. Be sure to also drink a lot of water to help the process along.

A good facial workout, followed on a daily basis, will show results in a short amount of time, especially if the regime is accompanied by a healthy diet, exercise and hydration. And remember to smile while you are working out!

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