Coconut Oil As A Beauty Product – The Real Deal?

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In the recent years, there have been reports of celebrities using coconut oil for their hair and skin. Yes, this natural oil may have proven to have health benefits when ingested but many men and women can attest that the coconut oil is more than just a cooking staple. This oil can also be used in varied ways especially if you want to go au naturel with your beauty regimen.

What’s in a Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can provide the skin with so many benefits due to the following components it has:

  • Vitamin E
    Coconut oil is known for containing vitamin E. This essential vitamin is well-known for its benefits on the skin. It is vital for skin growth and repair and plays an important role in protecting the skin from drying. Vitamin E is also an essential vitamin found in many anti-aging products as this is shown to have antioxidant properties which reduces wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.
  • Saturated fats
    Coconut oil has saturated fats. These are predominantly medium chain fatty acids that make the coconut oil retain the moisture of the skin when it’s applied on. Whether ingested or applied regularly on the skin, coconut oil can eventually reduce the appearance of the pores and keep the skin healthy and smooth.
  • Proteins
    The proteins found in coconut oil help in keeping the skin healthy both on the inside and out. They also play a vital role in tissue repair which help in promoting good wound healing.
  • Capric, caprylic, and lauric acids
    Capric, caprylic, and lauric acids are other types of medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil. These fatty acids are known for their antimicrobial properties. Hence, when the oil is applied on the skin, it can protect the skin from microbial infections that could lead to further inflammation of the skin.

Different Uses of Coconut Oil

There are different ways to use coconut oil on the skin. Some of the best ways to use this natural oil include the following:

  1. As a makeup remover
    “Never sleep with your makeup on” is still one of the most basic yet important tips when it comes to skincare. Removing the makeup doesn’t just allow the skin to breathe but it also reduces the chances of getting breakouts.

    Makeup, whether it’s one from the drugstore or specialty organic store, contain certain compounds that can dry the skin and block the pores. Making it a habit to remove the makeup before sleeping can do a lot of wonders for your skin especially if you’re worried about premature skin aging.

    Coconut oil is a better makeup remover than most makeup removing products you can find in the market. The oil has properties that make it powerful enough to get rid any type of makeup you put on your face but still being gentle on the skin.
  2. For reducing the appearance of wrinkles
    When used regularly, coconut oil can help preserve the smoothness of your face. Studies have shown that coconut oil has the ability to penetrate into the skin. With its triglycerides, it ensures repair of the collagen, the structural inner layers of the skin responsible for keeping the skin elastic and smooth.
  3. As protection from sunburn
    The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to the skin cells which could contribute to premature skin aging.

    Coconut oil may not offer a whole day protection from the sun but with its SPF 4, it can provide some protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Also, if you end up getting sunburn, applying coconut oil on the skin can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Coconut oil is the ideal beauty product especially if you’re looking for something that’s natural, budget-friendly, and doesn’t cause long-term harmful effects on the skin. If you haven’t tried this super oil, then you’ve got to try it and experience the skin benefits many people are vouching for.

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