Facial Exerciser FDA Approved

As a consummer, you might have more confidence in a facial exerciser that has been approved by the FDA. “FDA Approved” implies the manufacturer applied to the United States Food and Drug Administration for approval and recieved it. If a facial exerciser is not FDA approved, it is not to say it is inferior to FDA approved exercisers, but rather that the manufacturers have not applied for approval.


Listed below are some Facial Exerciser FDA Approved for sale at Amazon.


Facial Exerciser FDA approvedDR ROLLER 1.5mm Needle Length for Home Use. FDA Approved 

This is an interesting gadget that consists of a small metal roller which is covered in tiny needles. To use the gadget, you simply slide the roller over the areas of your skin you wish to treat. According to the Dr. Roller website, using a Dr. Roller device increases your skin’s ability to produce elastin and collagen. Apparently the roller gives excellent results as a treatment for wrinkles, acne scars, burn scars and can even promote hair regrowth. It certainly sounds and interesting concept, and is one of the few facial exerciser FDA approved available on Amazon.

Facial Exerciser FDA approvedFDA Registered Galvanic Skiincare System – the EXACT same model as iLift. This model comes with 2.1oz FDA registered Palacia E.G.F.Gel.

The Galvanic Skin Care System was formerly known as ilift, and according to the manufacturer is “the most technologically advanced, ALL IN ONE home use Skincare System. It is designed for the reduction and prevention of facial wrinkles and overall improvement of skin vitality with ergonomically designed to flow gently over the contours of the face. Galvanic Skin Care System works in conjunction with any type of water-soluble skincare products, such as PALACIA CONDUCTIVE GEL With daily use of Galvanic Skin Care System, an overall health and radiant skin can be seen in just one week.

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