The Benefit Of Committing To Daily Facial Exercises

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Why the Skin Sags


Skin sagging happens as a result of several factors; one of which is aging. As a woman ages, the skin loses its supportive connective tissues (collagen and elastin) which give the skin its youthful and plump look. As a result, skin becomes looser and starts to droop. Couple this with the weakening of the facial muscles, the skin sagging becomes more apparent.

Other factors leading to skin sagging include unprotected sun exposure, weight loss, and smoking.

Unprotected Sun Exposure

The harmful UV rays from the sun break down the skin fibers known as elastin. The cumulative effect of unprotected sun exposure only start to become obvious as the person ages. Aside from skin sagging, exposing yourself to the sun without sunscreen leads to skin pigmentation. It also increases your risk of skin cancer.


Smoking affects the blood supply to your skin, giving it an uneven skin tone. In a study conducted, it shows that smoking increases the risk of of facial wrinkling. The severity of skin wrinkling depends on the person’s smoking pack years.

Weight Loss

If you lose weight as you age, then it can also be a factor that leads to skin sagging. This happens because as you age, your skin also loses its elasticity. Hence, it no longer springs back the way it used to, leading to skin sagging.

Remedies for Skin Sagging

There are surgical and non-surgical methods to get rid of sagging skin.

Surgical Method

Facelift is a surgical procedure on which excess facial skin is removed in order to attain a younger-looking skin. In most cases, it is done with other procedures like forehead lift, browlift, eyelid surgery, removal of cheek fat pad, and necklift.

Non-Surgical Method

There are also non-surgical methods for getting rid of the sagging skin. These non-surgical methods include:

1. Botox injections   

Made from the purified version of the botulinum bacteria toxin, Botox injections can relax the facial muscles, helping get rid of the crow’s feet and frown lines.

2. Chemical peels

Most chemical peels make use of an acid solution to get rid of the dead cells from the outer layer of the skin. Some people experience a stinging sensation after application but it’s said to lead to smoother and firmer skin after a few days of use.

3. Microdermabrasion

It’s a type of procedure that makes use of tiny crystals to get rid of the outer layer of the skin. Regular sessions of microdermabrasion is said to help reduce fine lines and skin pigmentation.

4. Thermage

This procedure entails the use of heat into the skin in order to trigger the production of collagen. The only downside to thermage is that it can be painful.

5. Facial exercise

Facial exercises are sets of facial movements done to get rid of the sagging skin. They are based on a premise that facial muscles are just like other muscles of the body – they need to be ‘worked out’ to keep them firm.

Benefits of Facial Exercise

Unlike other methods for getting rid of sagging skin, facial exercise doesn’t cause pain, require several appointments with a doctor, and it doesn’t cost that much. You can do it at home on your own or with the help of an expert.

Committing yourself to daily facial exercise can benefit your skin in several ways. These benefits include:

Clearer complexion

Because facial exercises entail some pushing and pulling of the skin, it improves blood circulation to the face. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients and helps take away waste products. As a result, you get clearer and healthier skin complexion.

Detoxifies the skin

Because facial exercise helps in getting rid of toxins and other waste products, it’s also a way of detoxifying the skin.

Relieves tension

Muscle tension can trigger the development of wrinkles. Doing regular facial exercises can help relieve muscle tension. It loosens the connective tissues, relieving the tension and stress of the facial and neck muscles.

Improves collagen production

Skin sagging happens as we age because we are losing an important protein called collagen. But through regular muscle activity, which happens when you do facial exercise, you can boost collagen production. This keeps your skin young-looking.

If getting under the knife or painful procedures aren’t your thing but would like to have young-looking skin, then look no further than committing yourself to daily facial exercise. It’s an effective yet pain-free way to achieve a youthful glow no matter what your age is.

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