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Women in particular have long been searching for the fountain of youth. While this is yet to be found, women in history have found ways to preserve their youth – from Cleopatra with her daily donkey milk baths to the daily white wine baths of Mary, Queen of Scots.

In modern times, science has made it possible to keep the youthful glow without getting into any milk or white wine baths. There are facelift surgeries and anti-aging products.

The Risks of Facelift Surgeries

Also known as rhytidectomy, facelift surgeries are cosmetic procedures designed to make one look younger. This is done by reshaping the lower third of the face and by removing the excess facial skin. With some facelift surgeries, the underlying tissues are involved to achieve plump and healthy-looking skin.

While many can attest that these procedures are effective, they come with certain risks. These include complications like bleeding, bruising, infection, inflammation, redness, scarring, and damage to the nerve muscles. With these and other things that come with invasive procedures, more women are now considering non-invasive ways to achieve the youthful glow.

The Cons of Using Anti-Aging Products

In response to the growing need of non-invasive solution for achieving youthful skin, skincare companies have come up with anti-aging products.

There are tons of anti-aging products that one can choose from. There are those that promise to lift, tighten, and contour the face. There are also those that claim to provide results overnight or in just a few minutes.

Anti-aging products may be non-invasive solutions for achieving young-looking skin but they can be pretty expensive, with some products costing hundreds of dollars each. Also, not all of these skincare products live up to their promises.

If going under the knife or using anti-aging products is not your thing, then you still have another option to achieve your desired facelift. This one is inexpensive, doesn’t require surgeries, and above all, have been attested by many women to be effective in achieving young-looking skin. This non-invasive procedure is called facial exercise.

Facial Exercise: Non-Invasive Way to Achieve Non Surgical Facelift

Facial exercise involves movement of the different facial muscles with the aim of toning them. This is based from the premise that since facial muscles are not just attached to the bones but are also to the skin and other facial muscles, moving them can lead to toning other muscles and the skin. This then leads to a firmer look and young-looking skin.

The following facial exercises are among the best ways to minimize facial wrinkling and sagging without undergoing surgery or paying for expensive facelift creams:

For the Eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. It is prone to wrinkling as you age. The wrinkles can appear around the eyelids and as the time goes by, these creases can go deeper. To keep this from happening, you can do the following facial exercises:

  • Begin by placing your fingertips on your temples. With eyes closed, look up and down as far as possible, with your fingertips providing resistance to the movement. For best results, repeat this for 10 times, twice a day.
  • Start by closing your eyes and visualize yourself in total calmness. Stretch your eyelids as far as possible without opening your eyes. Hold this pose for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat this for five times a day.

For the Forehead

Doing facial exercises regularly can tone the muscles on your forehead. The following routines can prevent and reduce the appearance of frown lines:

  • Place your index finger just above your eyes. Try to pull it down while you raise your eyebrows. Repeat this for 5 times a day, for several days in a week.
  • Grin as wide as possible and bring your eyebrows up. Hold this for a few seconds before repeating it. For best results, repeat this for 10 times in a day.

For the Cheeks

Well-toned muscles around your cheek area can give you a more youthful look. You can achieve this by trying the following facial exercises:

  • With your mouth closed, suck your cheeks towards your teeth and hold it for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat this for 10 times.
  • In an upright position, begin by twisting your lips inwards. After you do this, puff your cheeks and try to smile in this position then relax. Repeat this for 10 times.

For the Lips

Facial exercises can firm the muscles surrounding your lips. They help prevent and get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The following exercises can help:

  • Begin by sitting upright with your lips pursed then try to lift your lips towards your nose. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this for 5 times.
  • Start by sticking your index finger in your mouth. Suck it as hard as possible and then slowly remove it. Repeat this for 10 times.

For the Neck

The neck area requires specific routine to keep its skin firm and young-looking. The following exercises can help you achieve that:

  • In an upright position, put your index finger on your neck and then gently pull the skin downward as you slowly lift your chin. Do this for 10 times.
  • Start with your head lift back, with chin pointing towards the ceiling. With lips closed, do the chewing motion for 30 seconds. Take a rest for 10 seconds before doing it again. For best results, do this for 20 times.

There are certainly a lot of ways to keep your skin young-looking without splurging on products or exposing yourself to certain risks with invasive procedures. Facial exercises are among your best options. They are simple, non-invasive, and more practical ways to achieve the youthful glow. Try doing the suggested facial exercises and you’ll notice the difference in no time.

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