3 Facial Exercises & Tips For A Beautiful Smile


The popularity of photo-sharing apps makes you want to be always ready for instant photo ops. When it comes to taking pictures, one thing will always stand out – your smile. So whether it’s a selfie or a groupie, you always want to give your best smile. If you think you aren’t the best when it comes to the smile department, there are ways on how you can improve it.

Facial exercises are not just surgery-free alternatives for achieving young-looking, radiant skin; they can also help you improve your smile. The following facial exercises can help you achieve a more beautiful smile: 

Silly Rabbit

The silly rabbit is a good facial exercise for improving the tone of your cheeks and increasing the flexibility and control of your smile.

This exercise will make you look silly (hence the name) so if you find it hard to control yourself from laughing, then it’s best to do it away from the mirror.

You begin the silly rabbit by smiling as wide as you can. Initially, you aim for the widest smile, preferably an ear-to-ear grin without opening your lips. You’ll then move your nose like a rabbit until you feel your cheek muscles are starting to engage with your smile. Hold this pose for 5 seconds before repeating it again. Do this 10 times.

Smile Line Eraser

Also known as the fish pose, the smile line eraser is effective for reducing the fine lines around your lips. This contributes to a more youthful look and more brilliant smile.

This facial exercise begins by puckering up, that is, pursing your lips with your cheeks sucked in. While on this pose, you try to smile until you feel the mild aching sensation surrounding your mouth. Release the pose and do it again the following day. You only do this once to avoid too much strain on your facial muscles.

Smile Exercise

The smile exercise is a simple facial exercise that allows you to have better control of the facial muscles directly involved in smiling.

To begin with the smile exercise, your face and lips should be in their most relaxed state. You then begin stretching the corners of the mouth without opening your lips. After holding it for 10 seconds, you expand the stretch until you expose the edge of your teeth. You hold this for another 10 seconds and then you stretch further until you expose half of your teeth.

On the last round of smile stretching, you smile as wide as you can until you are showing all of your teeth. Hold this pose for 10 seconds before you release it. Repeat the process but this time, you begin with your widest smile then gradually reducing the stretch. 

More Tips For a Beautiful Smile

While facial exercises can help you achieve that beautiful smile, there are other things you can do to achieve it.

  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables isn’t just good advice for maintaining good health; it can also do good for your pearly whites. Fruits like strawberries are natural teeth whiteners, helping you get rid of plaque. Other good sources of natural teeth whiteners are crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and celery.

  • Don’t smoke

You’ll do your health a favor by quitting smoking or avoiding it on the first place. Aside from the risk of developing lung cancer, smoking can also lead to gum and teeth problems like gum diseases, teeth staining, and bad breath.

  • Floss daily

We’ve all heard of this advice but how many of us do actually do this on a regular basis? Flossing may seem like a simple hygienic practice but it does a great job in preventing dental problems. It can get rid of food particles and plaque that regular brushing can’t.

  • Minimize your sugar intake

Every time you eat or drink anything with sugar, you are increasing your teeth’s risk of developing tooth decay. So minimize your sugar intake including those that you usually have between meals.

  • Be confident

Oftentimes, it’s just all about confidence. If you’re confident with yourself, it’ll show up even in the way you smile.

Most of the best things in life are free and smiling is one of them. It’s a simple way to connect with another human being and an expression of happiness and gratefulness for this life. So go ahead and show your best smile! Try these tips and facial exercises and let the world see the happiness in you.

Image: Rory MacLeod
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