Facial Exercise Instructions

The links on this page direct you to Facial Exercise Instructions that target specific areas of the face. While it isFacial Exercise Instructions possible to focus on certain parts of the face, it is not always advisable because if you achieve a wrinkle-free brow through exercise, the effect is somewhat diminished if you have saggy cheeks and a double chin. Therefore it is recommended that when starting out, you work on all the facial muscles.

As you begin to see progress and notice your appearance becoming more youthful, you can then concentrate on the more problematic areas while continuing to periodically exercise other areas for maintenance.

Facial exercise experts all agree on one thing – to see facial toning results and to look younger, you must perform your face exercise workout routine regularly. If you miss a day, make sure it is only one day and don’t ruin your hard work by letting one skipped day become several weeks.

The optimal way to stick to your exercise regime is to set by ten minutes a day, preferably at the same time. It is generally agreed that it takes 21 days for the human brain to adopt a new habit, so after three weeks of following the Facial Exercise Instructions, exercising your face should be a natural part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or fixing your hair.

Before you start exercising, when possible, splash your face with warm water and drink a glass of water. Warm, well-hydrated skin is more flexible than cold skin, especially if it is also dry. Performing a short facial massage can also help to prepare the muscles.

Click on the links below for facial exercise instructions to target individual parts of the face, or see the Facial Exercise Products page for a full comprehensive face fitness exercise program.

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