Facial Exercises for Jowls

One of the most aging aspects of advancing years is the appearance of hamster-like pouches, commonly known as Facial Exercises for Jowlsjowls, which sag from the jawline.

A plastic surgeon will generally perform a face lift to improve the appearance of sagging jowls. Luckily, this is not the only option, and there are several facial exercises for jowls that are effective. If you pull the skin tight around your temples, you will see this decreases the baggy jowls, therefore it is important to exercise the whole face, and not just the jawline, if drooping jowls are a problem for you.

As well as practicing facial exercise for jowls regularly, be sure to also practice exercises to lift the cheeks, as this will automatically raise the jowls, as a good part of the face “hangs” of the cheeks. Double chin and neck exercises will also improve the appearance of saggy jowls.

Facial Exercises for Jowls Instructions

Protrude Your Jaw

Deborah Crowley’s FlexEffect Facial Resistance Training provides a number of exercises to tighten the jawline; this one involves protruding the jaw.

Push your lower jaw forward, and place three fingers on the front, at the tip of your chin. Attempt to return your jaw to it’s regular position by pushing it back with your fingers. Resist the attempt by pushing back with your jaw muscles. Repeat the exercise by moving your lower jaw to the left. Place three fingers on the right side of your jaw and attempt to push the jaw back to a central position. Repeat on the other side. Deborah Crowley suggests starting with as many reps as feel comfortable, and building up.

Ceiling Chew

The ceiling chew can be performed sitting or standing. Tilt your head backward and look up at the ceiling. Pretend to chew, or genuinely chew a piece of gum. You should feel the muscles working beneath your chin. Continue chewing for around 20 seconds, or longer, if it feels comfortable. This workout will help tighten a lose jawline and reduce a double chin.

Jaw and Chin Toner

This exercise forms part of the Faceworks fitness program. It is designed to tone a double chin and firm the jawline, which will help diminish the appearance of sagging jowls.

Tilt your head back, as in the previous exercise, and look up at the ceiling. Push your lower jaw forward so you can feel the muscles and skin stretch, but not to the point you feel discomfort. If you have any pain beneath your ears, you have extended your jaw too far, and should retract it a little. Hold this position for a count of 10 seconds, concentrating on the tightening beneath your chin. Slowly lower your head three inches, then gradually raise it again. Move you head up and down 20 times, looking straight ahead without moving to either side.

Tongue Exercise

Facial Exercises for JowlsThe tongue exercise is from Reinhold’s Benz’s “Five-Minute Face-Lift.” Benz’s book contains several short toning facial exercises for jowls which help to firm the jawline and reduce sagging jowls.

To perform the tongue exercise, stick your tongue out as far as possible; as though you want to touch the tip of your chin. Hold the pose, until you begin to feel the muscle burning at the back of the tongue and underneath your chin. Relax, and repeat five times.

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