Does Facial Exercise Cause Wrinkles?

If you are interested in beginning a facial exercise program, you may be wondering if exercising the face really works or perhaps you have read somewhere that facial exercises cause wrinkles?

When browsing for information online, don’t be surprised if you come across claims that exercising the face worsens the appearance of skin wrinkles, due to over-exaggerating facial movements. Many of these claims come from sources that have a vested interest in you not performing exercises for facial fitness, mainly from those in the cosmetic surgery business.

An article published on the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery (link will open in a new window) says facial exercise, when performed correctly, can be beneficial. For example, as part of a facial skin care massage. Needless to say a gentle facial massage may feel relaxing, but it is not going to reduce lines or sagging jowls, which is precisely the result plastic surgeons want.

The article goes on to claim that “some physicians warn that at home exercises can actually increase the signs of aging” and that if you are considering exercising the face at home you should discuss it with your physician. As many physicians are older men with more lines than a bulldog, and who probably have never even heard of facial exercises to reduce wrinkles, that advice seems rather pointless. I think my doctor would stare at me blankly if I were to ask “Does facial exercise cause wrinkles?”

If you look for a physician who works with issues related to facial aging or imperfections, he will be working in a cosmetic practice and his livelihood is based on convincing those looking for solutions to spend thousands of dollars on a procedure. Furthermore, it should be mentioned the procedure possibly might not have the desired results. Therefore, asking such a physician if he recommends you should exercise your face for free, in the comfort of your own home is, in all probability, a waste of time.

Once again, doing your own homework to find the correct answer seems the most appropriate solution.

Eva Fraser has been practicing facial exercise for around 30 years. See the video below.

She is now almost in her mid-eighties, so after three decades, the lady should look like a shriveled old prune if facial exercises cause wrinkles. However, the video above reveals that is not the case. Even around the problematic areas such as the eyes, mouth and neck, Eva has remarkably few lines and her face is highly well-defined.

Does facial exercise cause wrinkles – Look at the experts then decide!

In fact, if you look at any of the facial exercise experts who have spend large portions of their lives developing their programs and teaching others how to exercise the face, it can truthfully be said that none of them have anywhere near the severity of wrinkles that is commonly seen in a person of a similar age, and in addition, they all look at least 15 years younger than their respective biological ages.

It has been suggested that modern-day facial exercise ‘gurus’ may use other means to maintain a youthful look other than exercising, in order to help sell their programs. This is pure speculation, but in the name of research, you will find one of the first books written on the subject of removing wrinkles through exercise was Elinor Glyn’s “The Wrinkle Book.” Elinor, a life-long advocate of facial exercise, died in 1942, around 40 years before botox was first used on humans for cosmetic purposes.

The picture below was taken in 1942, and shows Elinor shortly before her death in 1943. She was 78 years old.

Does facial exercise cause wrinkles ?

Elinor Glyn, pictured at the age of 78, performed facial exercises throughout her life. She is a perfect example to help you determine Does facial exercise cause wrinkles.

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