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NuFACE is a hand-held device approved for facial toning and stimulation by the FDA. NuFACE uses microcurrents to lift and tone the skin by stimulating facial muscles.

While the NuFACE website says results can be seen instantly, the process is also accumalative, so the longer you use the sevice the more benefits you will see.

The following video demontrates how to use the NuFACE device.


You will find the NuFACE sold by various sellers on Amazon, and you can expect to pay around $265 to $325. Although the device is pricey, reviews on Amazon are generally very positive, and results evident after just a few weeks. However, if you have a lot of muscle atrophy you would probably need to additionally do facial exercise to build muscle.

NuFACE on Amazon

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Alternatively, take a look at the current NuFACE eBay listings below.

Facial Exercise by Eva Fraser

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