DermaWand for a Non-Surgical Facelift

The DermaWand sends out low-current electrical impulses. According to the official DermaWand website, this is akin to thousands of tiny fingers massaging the skin. Like any massage, it will improve circulation, which enhances skin tone and reduces lines and wrinkles.

See the video below for what appears to be a non-promotional review by a DermaWand user.

If you buy DermaWand from the official website, at the time of writing it will cost you around $120 plus shipping.

Amazon currently have it on offer for $99, so that is a saving worth pursuing. You can buy it or read reviews on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Derma Wand on Amazon

Derma Wand Kit Derma Wand Kit
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Alternatively, take a look at the DermaWand on ebay auctions – you can often pick a new DermaWand up for around $50.


Derma Wand on Ebay

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