Carole Maggio on eBay

Carole Maggio is well-known by facial exercise advocates as her “Facercise” products have helped thousands of people improve their appearance since being released in 1983.

As a trained beautitian, Carole was mortified when her then husband told her she was aging badly. At the time she was in her late 30s. This led her on a quest to reverse the signs of aging her own face was showing as well as developing a program for her beauty salon clients. When she found her clients also experienced good results with her program, Carole decided to publish the instructions as a facial exercise book.

Carole’s “Facercise” has been a huge success worldwide and is available in 18 languages. She has recently updated her program and the latest version is called “Ultimate Facercise.” Ultimate Facercise is available as a book or DVD. The DVD includes an “8-minute super set” of exercises for the days when you are pushed for time.

Click here to read more about Carole Maggio and Facercise, or scroll down and take a look at the live Carole Maggio on eBay listings below – you might pick up a bargain!


Carole Maggio on Ebay Auctions

Carole Maggio on eBay
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